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Posted @ January 27, 2005 18:37 JST(+09:00) [ Foods & Recipes ]

Nattou with white rice

納豆(なっとう - Nattou/Natto ) soybeans fermented in their own bacteria

See larger image to my flickr

A chat friend of mine asked about nattou. He visited in Japan for business trip. During his visiting, he experienced some kind of Japanese foods like tofu or tororo, and quite loved them since he is basically natural & healthy food lover anyway. He was also told about nattou several times, but everyone who explained about it told like "Well, you must hate it, so would better NOT to try to have it".

Posted @ January 19, 2005 0:57 JST(+09:00) [ Information ]

Finally ! (introduction)

I've been thinking that I would love to build a blog in English. And F I N A L L Y built this. :)
Though, wellllll, honestly, I'm not sure that I have enough subjects for writing in English, and I'm even wondering "for what ?" lol

Though, I feel that in my mind, I surely have something to share some kind of mumbling with not only people who can understand (only) Japanese, but also peoples who can understand English - which is another language I can express somehow (never ever say that "fluent". I don't think "fluent" is prior thing for sharing ideas) - at least.

Well, anyway, so that, I set this place for whenever I feel like to mumble something to world. :)

I'm not sure that there's someone who are willing to share something with me or to read what's contain in my head - as person myself or as one of Japanese or whatever. Wish someone to like it.

I like to discuss about anything with anyone - even the one has totally different views or ideas from mine, as long as enable to understand differences and keeping to respect them each others. So no matter your belief, feel free to post some comments and tell me what you think about each of subjects. I believe that helps us to know another wisdom. :)

Posted @ January 14, 2005 17:35 JST(+09:00) [ People I met (on/off) ]

About this category

Funny people, strange people, wired people, disgusting people ... Mumbles about people who I met at online/offline world.

Posted @ January 14, 2005 17:30 JST(+09:00) [ Cultural Mumbles ]

About this category

Mumbles about cultural related subjects, or introduction of cultures (traditional/modern or main/sub) in Japan.

Posted @ January 14, 2005 17:19 JST(+09:00) [ Foods & Recipes ]

About this category

About foods or recipes. (Yes, I'm food lover !)

Ah, but I am very weak at drinking alchole, so don't expect to find Japanese "sake-wine" informations here. :p