(Trying to) catch the snow
Spring and Winter
A hazy moon (You are here now !)
A hazy moon
A hazy moon

Place: my house (Tokyo, Japan)

I guess I've never impressed hazy moon before. But this night, it was so beautiful. Looked fuzzy, but it couldn't hide enough this beauty of shining. ...Or just because I could find it through my soul, instead of my eyes.

今までおぼろ月を感慨を持って眺めたことなんてなかったな。 でもこの晩はね、とてもキレイだったんだ。 曖昧なんだけど、その曖昧さすら輝きの美しさを隠し切れなかった、みたいな。 …それか、それはワタシが目で、じゃなくて、魂で見つけられたものなのかも。

Photo Infos:

Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2
Date Original 2005:03:22 19:55:45
ISO SpeedRatings 50
Exposure Program Aperture Priority
Exposure Mode Auto
Exposure Bias EV-0.7
Aperture F2.8
Shutter Speed 1/8Sec
Focal Length 45.50(mm)
FocalLength (35mm) 346(mm)
Digital Zoom Ratio 0/10
Light Source Cloudy
Flash Not fired(Compulsory)
White Balance Manual
Scene Capture Type Standard
Edit Resize Only
Software Adobe Photoshop 7.0

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Snapped on Mar.24 2005 :: Comments (1)
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Very interesting shot. Full of mystery. Seems out of a Hitchcock film.

Posted by: pilgrim on Apr.01 2005
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