Yokoi's Cave
Piggies coming to the park ?
me (You are here now !)
Poor palm trees !
with tail
me and my cat @ Guam Island

(Taken by my "Shishou" of Soul.)

called "Jungle Girl". hmmmm

me and cat Name: browneyes
Nationality: Japan
Work: web design-ish

... Is there anything better to introduce... ?

Cameras :

Film camera :

Canon EOS 1000S
Almost antique already though, still not so bad.

Disital camera :

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2
It's quite cheaper as this spec. Well, number of pixels is not so great (only 2M), though heard many peeps says that pixels doesn't equal to photo quality, so I took lens & performance instead of pixel. For my skills for now, it's much better for me to learn shooting I believe. :-)

TOSHIBA Alegretto PDR2300
Errrr. I don't reccomend to buy this one honestly. Better than other camera in the same price range though. Always regret to shoot by this, though easier for daily shooting.

Others (friend's or something) :

Olympus μ (Mew) (hubby's)
Canon PowerShot A40 (friend's)
SONY Cybershot DSC-P52 (friend's)

and so on...

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hey.. i love your design, its coolish! your blog's a lot cooler though, i can't understand japanese so i thought i'd comment here =P

Posted by: riff on Aug.24 2004

Hi riff,
thanx for a comment however you can't understand some part of my writing. :-)
I'm trying to publish them for both of english / japanese speakers though, however my PC environment is japanese, i may not see how this page is shown in english or other language environment well. If any problem, please let me know.

Posted by: browneyes on Aug.28 2004

pic seems good,not clearly,if u don't mine,send me th same one

Posted by: L.T pon on Dec.31 2004
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