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Spring and Winter
Spring and Winter

Place: A small park (Tokyo, Japan)

Busy morning, traffic became unusual because of snow, but can't be late for work !
Though, I knew there's plum tree blooming beautiful flowers now (plum flower is my favorite as a symbol of "beggining of spring" rather than cherry blossom, and it must be beautiful contrast and combination with white snow - I thought. So this lazy me could wake up early and leave home earlier than usual. :-)
Since I just changed my work, my life is too busy to have enough time to take photo actually. Though, I wont sacrifice this photo thing and keep shooting as much as I can !

忙しい朝。 雪のせいで交通は若干麻痺気味。 だけど仕事に遅れる訳にもいかない。
でも、あそこで梅の木がキレイな花をつけはじめてる(ワタシにとっては梅の花って桜よりよっぽど「春のハジマリ」の象徴なので大好き)。 真っ白な雪とのコントラストや組み合わせって絶対キレイ! お陰でこの怠惰なワタシが早起きして、早く家を出るのに成功(笑)。
実は最近職場を変えた為、充分に写真を撮る時間が取れなくなった。 でもこのシャシンな趣味は犠牲にしたくないや。 だから可能な限り撮り続けようっと!

Photo Infos:

Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2
Date Original 2005:03:04 08:47:54
ISO SpeedRatings 50
Exposure Program Aperture Priority
Exposure Mode Auto
Exposure Bias EV-0.7
Aperture F2.8
Shutter Speed 1/100Sec
Focal Length 36.50(mm)
FocalLength (35mm) 277(mm)
Digital Zoom Ratio 0/10
Light Source Daylight
Flash Not fired(Compulsory)
White Balance Manual
Scene Capture Type Standard
Edit Trimmed
Software Adobe Photoshop 7.0

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