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a cicada (You are here now !)
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a cicada
a cicada
Place: Tamagawa Jousui (Japan)

Don't know why though, when I feel to shoot a cicada, strange situations always happen this summer...
When I shoot "general" fine cicada, I always missed. And this cicada, it seemed to end its life right after shooting, and dropped into a river below the tree instead of flying to the air.

元気なフツーのセミを撮るといつもブレまくりで失敗。 で、カメラを固定できる場所で見つけたこのセミ、数枚撮ったと思ったら、飛んでいく…のではなく、命が尽きたのか、ポトリと下の川へと落ちて行ってしまいました。 ナンカカナシイ。

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FZ2

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Snapped on Aug.19 2004 :: Comments (0)
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